With my best girl Ama Sweetgirl. She's a rescue dog, part shepherd, part mystic,  part muppet.

With my best girl Ama Sweetgirl. She's a rescue dog, part shepherd, part mystic, part muppet.


Hey there! I’m Shaena, a documentary photographer and filmmaker.

I believe in love and living whole-heartedly. Despite what the wedding magazines tell you, those millions of details – the decorations, the appetizers, the perfect twinkle lights – those details all fade after that day. What remains are your commitment, your love, and your photographs. Together, let’s be real. I want to capture your beautiful quirks, how you look at each other and the rest of the world melts away, the rush after you say I do, the overflowing joy that has to come out as tears or as laughter or as both at the same time. I want to capture the fun of you on the dance floor with old friends and that moment when Grandma decides to dance too. I want to know who you are and together tell your love story.

Love is love. I honor you in all of your uniqueness, your sweetness, your refuse-to-fit-in-a-box-ness. Let's celebrate your love story. 

A little about me

It was an old Minolta film camera, and it was beautiful. It belonged to my father and he let me borrow it during my awkward pre-teen years. I’ll never forget the thrill of hearing the metallic clunk of the shutter and the magic of getting a roll of film developed. Years later, I studied photojournalism at Ohio University, and since then my camera has led me to the most wonderful and unexpected places.

I’m currently based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but welcome any excuse to travel. I love gardening, things made by hand, adventures with wonderful people, good stories, social and environmental justice, and learning the language of plants and animals. My partner and I live on a tiny urban homestead with our two rescue dogs and a rescue cat who acts like a dog – and escape to the mountains to hike, fly-fish, and forage every chance we get.